Short & Long
Vowel Songs

Mastering Short & Long Vowels:

long vowel and short vowel lessons
aba games. Review each vowel letter (A,E,I,O,U) video song
aba games . Log into homework game and do homework DAILY until your student earns their certificate as proof of short & long vowel mastery.


vowel game. Celebrate completion of short & long vowel mastery by prominently placing your student's passing certificate for everyone to see. Revisit this homework game twice a week for 8 weeks as review.

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VowelTime is an interactive online program which helps k-5 children master the short and long A, E, I, O, and U vowels. This online vowel program which is hosted by interactive agents takes kids through interactive exercises which help young learners master their vowel sounds. Your child can practice their vowels by hearing the vowel sounds sung and select the correct word that has that matching vowel sound. This will surely be an A+ with your little learner. Best vowel sofware on the Internet!